2023 College Expert Counselors

About College Expert

Choosing the right college can feel overwhelming. For almost 25 years, College Expert® has been guiding students and families through the college application process, helping them evaluate options and make decisions with confidence.

We get to know our students and, using insight into hundreds of colleges, help them identify schools that are a great fit and affordable. Our goal is to help them prepare their best applications to enhance their odds of receiving scholarships and being admitted to their top-choice colleges.

We also strive to minimize stress so families can have more fun with this process. We help manage timelines and coach students through all aspects of their applications to both encourage independence and reassure parents.

All of our educational consultants are IECA certified and highly qualified to help with your college search. We’d love to work with you!

How We Help

How can we help your student? Read about our services for more information. In addition to college selection, we offer essay writing workshops, interview prep, advice on searching for scholarships and so much more. We also include in our services ACT test prep, which is designed for 9th-12th grade students and is offered at no cost to our clients.

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