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Summer is college application season, and you don’t want to wait too long before starting to brainstorm ideas and drafting your essay. The best writing requires self-reflection, and that takes time! In this issue, we offer tips for kicking off the process. Other articles include:

Focus on Majors: Bioinformatics – An interdisciplinary major where biology meets computer science.
Financial and Legal Matters – Turning 18? There are legal considerations you should address with your parents before you head off to college.

Enhancing Learning Through Online Coursework – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) allow you to explore topics beyond the traditional high school curriculum.

Honors, AP or dual enrollment? Higher-level classes give you an edge in admissions, but being challenged without feeling overwhelmed is also a consideration. In this issue, we provide insight to help you decide. Other articles include:

Focus on Majors: Art & Design – Graphic design or painting; a business setting or studio. This creative field is filled with versatile opportunities.
Financial Matters – Explore your payment options before fall tuition comes due.  
Fostering Teen Success – Eight key components of social maturity are considered predictors of college success.

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Senioritis may be common, but it isn’t without consequences. Colleges have rescinded offers due to dropping grades or disciplinary issues. How can you stay motivated during the final stretch? Read our April issue! Other articles include:

  • Focus on Majors: Data Science – An exploding field that involves extracting knowledge and insights from data.
  • Financial Matters – How educational tax benefits can help you offset college costs.
  • Handling Denials: How Parents Can Help – Increasingly selective admissions means denials are inevitable – and your reaction as a parent can make all the difference.

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Say goodbye to bubble answer sheets and No. 2 pencils – the SAT has gone digital. What does this mean in terms of format, navigation and scoring? We cover it all in our March issue! Other articles include:

  • Focus on Majors: Business – A popular major with many career paths and options.
  • Financial Matters – Greek life, study abroad, it all adds up - and adds to the true cost of college.
  • Planning College Visits – They can be exhilarating and exhausting. What to do now if you’re planning spring break tours.

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According to a survey of 30,000 college graduates, your experiences in college have a bigger impact on your job and life satisfaction than the college you attended. Which experiences matter most? Find out in our February issue. Other articles include:

  • Focus on Majors, Minors and Concentrations – Choosing and customizing your academic path.
  • Financial Matters – Comparing college financial aid offers.
  • Planning for Summer in Winter – A productive summer = an interesting college application.

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Preparing for college involves more than academics. Giving your student some freedom in high school will ease their transition after they graduate. Read five tips for how to get started. Other articles include:

  • Focus on Majors/Social Work – Passionate about helping others? Explore this alternative to psychology.
  • Financial Matters – Considerations when applying for scholarships.
  • Admission Office Blogs – Links that provide an insider’s view to Georgia Tech, Tulane and others.

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