Sue at Marquette

Marquette University

Sue at U Penn

University of Pennsylvania

Sue at Swarthmore

Swarthmore College

Sue at Villanova


Sue at Harvard University

Harvard University

Sue at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sue at Dartmouth


Sue at Salve Regina

Salve Regina

Sue at Furman

Furman University

Sue at Ave Maria

Ave Maria University

Sue at Auburn

Auburn University

Sue at Hampshire College

Hampshire College

Sue at Ashville U of North Carolina

Ashville U of North Carolina

Sue at High Point, NC

Sue at High Point, North Carolina

Sue at Amherst College

Amherst College

Sue at Clemson


Sue at Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke

Sue at Smith College

Smith College

Sue at Brown University

Brown University

Sue at Florida Gulf Coast

Florida Gulf Coast

Sue at Shimer College

Shimer College

Sue at Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

Sue at Augustana University

Augustana University, SD

Sue at Rhode Island School of Design


Sue at Providence College

Providence College

Sue at University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Sue at University of Southern California

University of Southern California

    Sue's College Visits

    Sue Luse has had the opportunity to visit many colleges over the past 25 years. When attending conferences such as the IECA and HECA yearly conferences, she would take the time to tour the colleges in the area. Sue and her husband love to travel and visit colleges all over the country. As a Guidance Counselor and Educational Consultant, she has had many invitations to visit colleges and travel on sponsored tours. In the last 25 years, Sue has visited over 300 colleges. She recently started blogging about colleges after visiting them.

    Visit our College Spotlight page to find links to in-depth assessments on select colleges.

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