Letter of Recommendation

An email written in response to a reference request...

Glad you reached out! We are overwhelmingly happy with the results of our daughter’s college search process with Sue. Sue has a team of professionals working with her that were equipped to “present” our daughter in her best form, from resume through to all required and submitted writing that made a distinct difference. Our daughter worked immensely hard in high school and we found that this professional presentation alone correctly showed who she was to her chosen schools. Our daughter was accepted into some very competitive schools-one had an acceptance rate of 7% out of over 10,000 applicants. In addition, we were extremely happy with the scholarships she received---and we are convinced that she was accepted and the scholarships were offered because the colleges could clearly “see” who our daughter was through Sue’s preparation of her candidacy. Also, it was an incredible affirmation to our daughter that she would have received this kind of response from excellent, competitive colleges that clearly wanted her to join their student body.

Sue has “working philosophies” that she guides her clients by that make an enormous difference in the college search process. She guides her clients to find a college academically in which the student will be challenged at the right level. As a former college professor myself, this is something I cannot stress enough as well----I know friends that have sent their daughter to too easy of a school, and they are unhappy and will be transferring next year (going through the application process all over again)...I also know that if a first year student is placed in a too challenging of an environment, confidence is lost at a critical time in their development years. Sue never lets her clients lose site of this. She additionally seeks “fit” levels on the social aspect as well---the other critical component to successful college life.

The money that we spent with Sue was throughout the process one of the very best investments we have made--- and even more affirmed now as our daughter is thriving in all aspects of her first year of college. College is too costly each year to be paying for something that isn’t a great fit. Sue can make this happen for your girls----we know several families from across the metro area that have been very happy with her as well.

Good luck in your decision...