Author: Kris Olson

The United Kingdom (UK) Offers Opportunity for Medical School as Undergraduate Degree

Kris Olson at University of Bristol By Kris Olson, Essay Expert The United Kingdom has some of the top accredited medical universities in the world. From Imperial College London, to University of Bristol in the southwest, to Newcastle University in the north, among others, the UK offers a variety of medical degrees and courses, including dental school and veterinary medicine. One of the ...
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Exploring College Options in the United Kingdom

Kris at University of Bristol, UK
Kris at University of Bristol. UK Have you ever considered taking your college experience “across the pond?” And, no, I’m not talking about studying abroad for a semester; I’m talking about attending university as a degree-seeking, full-time student in the United Kingdom (UK). Check out Kris Olson’s Spotlight on Exploring College Options in the United Kingdom to learn about how to earn an u...
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