October 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Are you giving your “likely” colleges enough thought? Read our tips for choosing them carefully. Other articles include:  Majoring in International Relations/Poli Sci – Degrees with diverse paths in a global society. Financial Matters: The CSS Profile – The financial aid form for institutional awards. Volunteer Opportunities in a Pandemic – How students are staying...
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September 2021 College Expert Newsletter

After months of online learning, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about heading back to school. Read our tips to ease the transition. Other articles include: Majoring in Applied Math – Why math-related careers dominate top 20 career lists.Financial Matters – What you need to know about applying for FAFSA.Applying ED/EA – Important considerations before applying ED/EA instead of regula...
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February 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Considering a gap year? In our February newsletter, learn when taking time off before heading to college can be a good idea. Other articles include: Majoring in Foreign Language – A desirable skill in many professions. Financial Matters – Changes are coming to the FAFSA in 2022-23. Looking to Enhance Your Learning Experiences? – Check out MOOCs like edX and Courser...
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October 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Early deadlines are approaching! Learn how colleges will make decisions this year, and review the basics of the FAFSA in our October newsletter. This month's articles include: How Will Colleges Make Decisions this Year? – Institutions are reassuring applicants and making changes for the better.Majoring in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies – Career paths are plentiful in this po...
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