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Farewell to Our Seniors!

To the Amazing Class of 2020: As your freshman year of college is about to begin, whether it be online, in person, or somewhere in between, we at College Expert want to say farewell. But this doesn’t mean our journey is ending. We are your college consultants for life, and that didn’t stop suddenly when you made your final college decision. Navigating the first steps as a freshman can be a...
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You Did It & You Got This!- Ryan’s Reflections on the Class of 2020

Ryan quote 2020
Dear Class of 2020, You did it and you got this! Let me explain. You started with a list of colleges that you may have seen as a mountain at times, but you decided the heights, the climb, and you got to the top. You evoked thousands of smiles and pulled heartstrings with your moving and entertaining essays that were read by countless admissions counselors from every corner of this country ...
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A Visit to Augustana University

A Day in the Life at Augustana University By Ryan Luse A photo with Ole the Viking Statue at Augustana University I and some other Educational Consultants were invited to spend a couple of days at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  I must be honest, when it comes to colleges I can sometimes graze over the Dakota’s. Before my drive to Augustana, I had not been i...
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Farewell Class of 2017

Ryan in HS with Beatles poster
Dear Students, Many of you right now are preparing to embark on what will surely be one of the most profound and memorable chapters of your lives. College is still something that resonates with me and I know it will until I am old and losing my hair… actually just old! Some of you may already be on campus experiencing a total mind-body eclipse- there is a ton to take in! I hope the big move-in, y...
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Ryan’s Journey to Become an Independent Educational Consultant

This morning, IECA posted a blog written by my son, Ryan Luse. I am proud to post it on my website as well. Ryan is in the process of transitioning his career into the field of educational consultants. He comes from a writing and communications background, a graduate of Emerson College, and currently works for Thomson Reuters. Recently, Ryan decided to pursue his passion for education and is takin...
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