A Visit to Augustana University

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A Day in the Life at Augustana University

By Ryan Luse
Ryan at Augustana
A photo with Ole the Viking Statue at Augustana University

I and some other Educational Consultants were invited to spend a couple of days at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

I must be honest, when it comes to colleges I can sometimes graze over the Dakota’s. Before my drive to Augustana, I had not been in South Dakota since I was like 10 years old on a family vacation to the Black Hills.  One thing was clear however, Augustana has been on my radar for a while and man that long drive was worth it!.

Some Augie highlights: 

  • Augustana has a 100-acre campus, so lots to do outside and guess what? Sioux Falls has a lot more to offer than I thought! Any city that has a restaurant called Vinyl Taco holds a special place in my heart!
  • Are jobs important to you? Well of course they are! Augustana has amazing job placement after graduation – one of the best in midwest. 
  • In the newly renovated science building, it has the wicked cool pendulum that is something out of a science fiction dream. It’s so mesmerizing I had to take some video!
  • Rumor has it Augustana will likely be going Divison 1! Oh, and their mascot feels right at home which is Ole the Viking!
  • The Augustana students have a leg up on all the internships. There is little competition from other colleges and Sioux Falls is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. 
  • Their 24th President, who I got to have lunch with is amazing! Google Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
  • I have seen my share of colleges promotion videos and Augustana currently holds my top place as being the coolest and most inventive with their 365 stories. This one featuring Josh is my favorite –  check it out

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