Study Abroad

May College Expert Newsletter

Studying abroad is not only fun, some colleges require it – whether it’s a short stay, internship or extended immersion program. Wondering about your options for an international experience? Read our May issue! Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Molecular Biology – A path that leads to careers in research, medicine and bioengineering. Financial Matters – AP classes, employment an...
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The United Kingdom (UK) Offers Opportunity for Medical School as Undergraduate Degree

Kris Olson at University of Bristol By Kris Olson, Essay Expert The United Kingdom has some of the top accredited medical universities in the world. From Imperial College London, to University of Bristol in the southwest, to Newcastle University in the north, among others, the UK offers a variety of medical degrees and courses, including dental school and veterinary medicine. One of the ...
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Study Abroad – Africa

Carleton Group
By Lauren Michael When I told my mom that I was thinking about studying urbanization abroad in Ethiopia she immediately googled “Does Ethiopia have Ebola.” The answer: Africa is really big. So, no. Ethiopia did not and does not have Ebola. That’s not to say that she wasn’t still worried about me going. I was worried too. Even as a sophomore, I still got homesick. If I went to Africa, I would be g...
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