High School

September 2022 College Expert Newsletter

What do college admission officers really look for? Hint: It’s more than grades and test scores. Read our tips for making the most of high school. Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Chemistry – A field for problem solvers and analytical thinkers. Financial Matters – Studying out-of-state at in-state prices. Do Safety Schools Really Exist Anymore? – Why you should treat every school l...
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May 2021 College Expert Newsletter

The true benefit of a summer program? It isn’t gaining points with selective schools. Read more in this issue. Other articles include: Majoring in Visual Arts – A creative path with many options. Financial Matters – Staying informed after your student turns 18. Brainstorming Your College Essay – Tips to kickstart the writing process. Takeaways from 2021 –...
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The United Kingdom (UK) Offers Opportunity for Medical School as Undergraduate Degree

Kris Olson at University of Bristol By Kris Olson, Essay Expert The United Kingdom has some of the top accredited medical universities in the world. From Imperial College London, to University of Bristol in the southwest, to Newcastle University in the north, among others, the UK offers a variety of medical degrees and courses, including dental school and veterinary medicine. One of the ...
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Building Relationships with Teachers Remotely

By the end of your junior year, you need to be prepared to ask two teachers for college recommendation letters, and it’s a good idea to keep building those relationships throughout high school. While this is a little more challenging in the age of COVID-19 and distance learning, there are still ways you can get to know your teachers so they can provide an authentic, detailed picture of yo...
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January 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Which college is the best choice? The answer isn't in rankings. Read our January cover article and learn how to personalize your search based on what's important to you. Other articles include: Majoring in Psychology – A degree with diverse paths, from human resources to counseling.Financial Matters: Money for College – Five sources for financial aid.Avoiding Senior Slu...
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Lettering in Kindness

Lettering in kindness
We love a new trend we’re hearing about in local high schools. A recent article in the StarTribune said Minnetonka, Edina, Eden Prairie and Stillwater school districts are tapping into young people’s desire to do good by giving them the opportunity to earn varsity letters in community service. Have any of you lettered in kindness? We'd love to hear about it!
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Focus on the Future – Ferguson Tutoring Open House

LEARN MORE 6 pm: Countdown to College Presented by Sue Luse and Ryan Luse Bring your Notebooks! Parents and students are encouraged to attend this workshop. College Expert® will outline the admissions process, provide you with a college prep timeline you can start as early as freshman year, and so much more! Parents, better understand your role in this process. Read more details abo...
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