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College Spotlight on American University

One of the best ways to learn about a college is to hear from someone who goes there. Each year, we invite freshmen to share their first-year experience, so follow along to get the inside story on campuses across the country. Today we're featuring American University. This suburban-feel campus near the heart of DC gives students plenty of opportunities for learning, exploring and fun. Read why El...
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Study Abroad – Africa

Carleton Group
By Lauren Michael When I told my mom that I was thinking about studying urbanization abroad in Ethiopia she immediately googled “Does Ethiopia have Ebola.” The answer: Africa is really big. So, no. Ethiopia did not and does not have Ebola. That’s not to say that she wasn’t still worried about me going. I was worried too. Even as a sophomore, I still got homesick. If I went to Africa, I would be g...
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