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Farewell Class of 2017

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Dear Students,

Many of you right now are preparing to embark on what will surely be one of the most profound and memorable chapters of your lives. College is still something that resonates with me and I know it will until I am old and losing my hair… actually just old!

Some of you may already be on campus experiencing a total mind-body eclipse- there is a ton to take in! I hope the big move-in, your classes, new roomies, dorm life, the food and this whole new world will be nothing short of epic.

No four-year college experience is the same, but there are some similarities that make it a shared experience for all of you 2017 graduates. You may have always lived in a world with emojis, cell phones and know Justin Timberlake as a solo act, but you are also future leaders, innovators, communicators and world changers. I will miss you all, but I hope this is not goodbye either.

I will leave you with my own high-school senior year photo from a long, long time ago along with some recent words of wisdom that I highlighted on the local news a couple days ago. They gave me about three minutes and I didn’t know the questions beforehand, but it touches on tips for your freshman year of college. Feel free to email or text me if you want me to elaborate on any freshman year tips.

Link to WCCO video: https://collegeexpertmn.com/2017/08/ryan-on-tv-expert-advice-for-freshman-college-students/

Yes, life will move very fast! I also want to also leave you with this simple promise: you will always have me as a college counselor. Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice, a pep talk, roommate drama, or to simply catch up. Like high school, college will be a constant roller coaster. It will not be a utopia of perfection, but what it can be is life affirming and life changing. You have your college destination- now go seize it.

Until we talk again, I wish you all the best and the brightest!


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