A Visit to The University of Vermont

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The University of Vermont (UVM) is located in Burlington, Vermont. With a population of 60,000, Burlington is both the largest city in Vermont, and the least populous U.S. city to be a state’s largest city! But it is really an ideal size for those looking for outdoor activities and things to do in town. Burlington has much to offer nature lovers, as well as those just looking for a leisurely brunch. The beautiful freshwater Lake Champlain, just a fifteen-minute walk from campus, will be a familiar sight for students from Minnesota, while the nearby mountains offer some exciting elevation and hiking trials. Burlington is known for its summer recreation activities, including boating, swimming, and camping. UVM offers many outdoors clubs, including the Outing club which sponsors camping trips, kayaking and other outdoor adventures.

Campus grounds

Burlington’s artsy vibe may remind some of Minneapolis’ uptown neighborhood. The city has over 100 places to eat, including amazing gluten-free options. The Church Street district, located right next to campus, is where you’ll find constant activity, people, dogs, fun restaurants, music stores, shopping, and live music every night.

Though Burlington has a very warm, hometown feel, 75% of UVM students are from out of state. To cater to the out-of-towners, the city has an international airport with good connections. It is also very close to many major urban centers when the city starts to feel like a small town: five hours from New York City, four hours from Boston, and just two hours from Montreal, Canada.


STEM construction

This public land grant university was founded in 1791 by Ira Allen. With a student body of around 10,992, an average class size of thirty, and 98% professor-taught classes, UVM feels more like a small liberal arts college than a large state school. Academically, the school is known for its strong and innovative programs in environmental science, engineering, psychology, pre-law, and business. It also has a teaching hospital directly on campus connected to the nursing, pre-med and health sciences programs. UVM also proudly fosters learning experiences outside the classroom, that unite the local and the global, including a variety of environmental research projects. Over 90% of seniors are involved in either undergraduate research, experiential learning, or internship opportunities, and over 99 service-learning based courses are offered.


UVM accepts 68% of applicants. Admission is based on an ACT range of 27 to 32. To get accepted into the Honors program, the ACT range will need to be between 32 to 34. (UVM also super scores both the ACT and SAT). Admissions decisions focus on rigor of classes in addition to the GPA, but require a 3.41 GPA. UVM accepts both the Common and Coalition Apps. Students are also required to create an admissions portal to add additional information. The total cost of UVM is $50,000 annually for out of state students, with merit-based scholarships available up to $18,000.

Student life

UVM mascot catamount

UVM offers a range of activities, clubs, and resources that will appeal to the sports fan to the artist. At the Living/Learning Center, students can join the Pottery or Photography Co-op for a small membership fee to gain access to special equipment and materials, or apply to join the Arts Initiative, which UVM students with artists across the state of Vermont and socially-engaged art projects. At the Living/Learning Center, you will also find an art gallery and the Rhythm and Brews Coffeehouse, which sponsors a weekly open mic night. Sports fans will soon get acquainted with the UVM mascot: Rally the Catamount. The catamount, for those interested, is a wildcat. The UVM Catamounts basketball team have occasionally found their way into the NCAAP tournament, but hockey games are always packed with students. Only 8% of students are involved in Greek life. This is an active Greek community, but quite small. Overall, students are friendly, politically involved, interested in community work, and environmentally conscious.

What kind of student would be happy here?

This is a great option for students from Minnesota—with similar weather, natural beauty, and things to do outside. Students who embrace winter weather will be particularly happy here, and the Stowe ski hill is close by. But though the outdoors are spectacular, being outdoorsy is not a requirement. UVM is also an excellent choice for students looking for an adventure and trying to find their passion, who are open to exploring new ideas and experiences. The city remains quite liberal, very eco-friendly, and politically-engaged. Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Burlington from 1981-1990 and it shows: Burlington offers its own municipal broadband/cable service and city-owned power company. Students who are dog-lovers would also be happy here, there are dogs everywhere!

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