December College Expert Newsletter

December 2023 College Expert Newsletter
As you plan for college, it isn’t a bad idea to have a few career interests in mind. Not sure what you want to do? This month, we offer five ideas for connecting the dots between your interests, your major and potential careers. Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Human Centered Design – Creating products for diverse users. Financial Matters – It’s time to complete the FAFSA and C...
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June College Expert Newsletter

June 2023 College Expert Newsletter
Would you rather graduate from a prestigious school or debt-free? Do you love an intimate campus or the energy of a big city? Establishing priorities will help you build your college list. Learn more about finding your fit in our June issue. Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Nutritional Sciences – Paths, opportunities and requirements for dietetics majors. Financial Matters – Th...
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May College Expert Newsletter

Studying abroad is not only fun, some colleges require it – whether it’s a short stay, internship or extended immersion program. Wondering about your options for an international experience? Read our May issue! Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Molecular Biology – A path that leads to careers in research, medicine and bioengineering. Financial Matters – AP classes, employment an...
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Rochester Student Develops App to Support Peers Who are Struggling

Nandini facing camera smiling with laptop turned toward viewer showing SafeSphere app she developed
During her freshman year, Nandini noticed how isolation during the pandemic was affecting her own mental health as well as that of her peers. To elevate her mood, she turned to journaling, running and working out with her brother. She also began to think about how many people didn’t only struggle with mental health during the pandemic, but throughout their lives, and considered ways she could hel...
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November 2022 College Expert Newsletter

November College Expert newsletter
While they may not ask specifically, colleges want to know how you’ll contribute to campus. Read our tips for making your case. Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Peace and Conflict Studies – A field that’s part theory, part hands-on experience. Financial Matters: Do you need to submit the CSS Profile? Impact – It’s an admissions buzzword, but what exactly are they looking ...
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September 2022 College Expert Newsletter

What do college admission officers really look for? Hint: It’s more than grades and test scores. Read our tips for making the most of high school. Other articles include: Focus on Majors/Chemistry – A field for problem solvers and analytical thinkers. Financial Matters – Studying out-of-state at in-state prices. Do Safety Schools Really Exist Anymore? – Why you should treat every school l...
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June 2022 College Expert Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter
Starting a business that matches your interests is a great way to make the most of your summer – and colleges will love your initiative. This month, we share steps for getting started. Other articles include: Focus on Fashion Design/Merchandising – Careers paths in this fast-paced, creative industry. Financial Matters: Legal limitations once your student turns 18. Adjusting to College...
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December 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Considering a college honors program? The benefits go beyond a diploma designation. Read about the perks in this issue.  Other articles include:  Majoring in Cybersecurity – Fighting crime with digital forensics and ethical hacking. Financial Matters: Paying for College – An overview of scholarships, merit aid and loans. What to Do if You’ve Been Deferred&n...
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November 2021 College Expert Newsletter

The right “why this college” essay response shows admissions you’re a serious applicant. Read our tips for standing out. Other articles include:  Majoring in Nursing – A healthcare degree with abundant opportunities. Financial Matters: Merit Awards – Private colleges could be more affordable than you think. Social Media: Think Before You Post – What trigger...
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October 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Are you giving your “likely” colleges enough thought? Read our tips for choosing them carefully. Other articles include:  Majoring in International Relations/Poli Sci – Degrees with diverse paths in a global society. Financial Matters: The CSS Profile – The financial aid form for institutional awards. Volunteer Opportunities in a Pandemic – How students are staying...
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September 2021 College Expert Newsletter

After months of online learning, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about heading back to school. Read our tips to ease the transition. Other articles include: Majoring in Applied Math – Why math-related careers dominate top 20 career lists.Financial Matters – What you need to know about applying for FAFSA.Applying ED/EA – Important considerations before applying ED/EA instead of regula...
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Summer 2021 College Expert Newsletter

In this issue, five summer activities that will strengthen your college application. Other topics include:  Majoring in the Classics – An uncommon choice with a high success rate. Financial Matters – The pros and cons of college payment options. Safety on Campus – Tech tips and other practices to keep you safe at school.  Read the June issue.
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May 2021 College Expert Newsletter

The true benefit of a summer program? It isn’t gaining points with selective schools. Read more in this issue. Other articles include: Majoring in Visual Arts – A creative path with many options. Financial Matters – Staying informed after your student turns 18. Brainstorming Your College Essay – Tips to kickstart the writing process. Takeaways from 2021 –...
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April 2021 College Expert Newsletter

The waiting will soon be over. Are you ready to commit to a college? In this issue, our advice for weighing your options. Other articles include: Majoring in Biology – A hands-on field with many possibilities. Financial Matters – Comparing your financial aid offers. Getting Good Recommendations – Connecting with teachers in a virtual world.
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January 2021 College Expert Newsletter

Which college is the best choice? The answer isn't in rankings. Read our January cover article and learn how to personalize your search based on what's important to you. Other articles include: Majoring in Psychology – A degree with diverse paths, from human resources to counseling.Financial Matters: Money for College – Five sources for financial aid.Avoiding Senior Slu...
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November 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Virtual tours and college websites can help you make connections with your colleges. Learn how in our November newsletter.This month's articles include: Taking a Deep Dive into a College Website – In the age of COVID, online resources are everything.Majoring in Communications – An option for students who enjoy language and technology.Financial Matters: The CSS Profile&n...
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October 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Early deadlines are approaching! Learn how colleges will make decisions this year, and review the basics of the FAFSA in our October newsletter. This month's articles include: How Will Colleges Make Decisions this Year? – Institutions are reassuring applicants and making changes for the better.Majoring in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies – Career paths are plentiful in this po...
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May 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Our May issue includes these timely topics: Choosing a Gap Year - With the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of colleges in the fall of 2020, a greater number of students than usual are contemplating taking a gap year. Read about the pros and cons of taking a gap year and the process needed to do this.Majoring in Biotechnology -  Because biotechnology is used in many fields and b...
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