Researching Colleges When You Can’t Visit Campus

It's never too soon to start researching colleges. If you're college bound, then it's time to begin. The better you understand your options, the easier it will be to build your college list. Not sure where to start? There are a number of ways you can learn about a campus to determine if it is the right fit for you. Last spring, colleges responded quickly to develop virtual resources for st...
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November 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Virtual tours and college websites can help you make connections with your colleges. Learn how in our November newsletter.This month's articles include: Taking a Deep Dive into a College Website – In the age of COVID, online resources are everything.Majoring in Communications – An option for students who enjoy language and technology.Financial Matters: The CSS Profile&n...
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October 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Early deadlines are approaching! Learn how colleges will make decisions this year, and review the basics of the FAFSA in our October newsletter. This month's articles include: How Will Colleges Make Decisions this Year? – Institutions are reassuring applicants and making changes for the better.Majoring in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies – Career paths are plentiful in this po...
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Virtual Fall College Fairs!

Don’t miss these opportunities to learn about your colleges! Connecting with college reps demonstrates your genuine interest in a school. Hint: you’ll also learn details about academic programs and campus life that you can use in your “why this college” essays. The first one is this Sunday! Visit and for more info.
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September 2020 College Expert Newsletter

It's back to school! See our September newsletter for virtual learning tips and advice on how to get to know a college campus during COVID. Here are the topics in this month’s newsletter: Making the Most of Virtual Learning – Whether 100% online or hybrid, make the best of this new way of learning.Majoring in Archeology – Learn about a fascinating field that can lead to jobs a...
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Penny and Lily Visit Auburn

Auburn University "War beagle & tailgating" It’s back to school, and our calendar pups, @penny_and_lily, are at Auburn University this month, a large, welcoming Alabama campus with a small town feel. Fun fact: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is an Auburn alum. (War Beagle!) Want to learn more? Ask Sue or Ryan if Auburn might be right for you!  #collegeexpert #collegebound #wareagle
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Farewell to Our Seniors!

To the Amazing Class of 2020: As your freshman year of college is about to begin, whether it be online, in person, or somewhere in between, we at College Expert want to say farewell. But this doesn’t mean our journey is ending. We are your college consultants for life, and that didn’t stop suddenly when you made your final college decision. Navigating the first steps as a freshman can be a...
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Penny and Lily Visit the University of Southern

University of Southern California - "The too cute scandal..." Helloooo July! This month our mascots, Penny and Lily, visit the University of Southern California, the only university to have an alum nominated for an Oscar every year since the first Academy Awards. Looking for a vibrant campus with infectious school spirit and lots of sunshine? Ask Sue or Ryan if USC might be right for you! ☀️ #...
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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Class of 2020
College Expert Class of 2020 Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your college journey. We’re sending handshakes and hugs your way as we wish you the very best next year. You have inspired us more than you know, and you are exactly what this world needs right now. We are so proud of you! Sue, Ryan and the College Expert Team
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You Did It & You Got This!- Ryan’s Reflections on the Class of 2020

Ryan quote 2020
Dear Class of 2020, You did it and you got this! Let me explain. You started with a list of colleges that you may have seen as a mountain at times, but you decided the heights, the climb, and you got to the top. You evoked thousands of smiles and pulled heartstrings with your moving and entertaining essays that were read by countless admissions counselors from every corner of this country ...
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Reflections on the Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 holds a special place in our hearts. While the college planning and application process is always a bit of a rollercoaster, for the Class of 2020, the ups and downs were exceptional. Just as seniors were celebrating their college decisions and beginning to picture themselves on campus, their school year came to an abrupt and unceremonious end. At a time when they should have...
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Update: College Planning and Admissions During the Coronavirus

Dear Students & Parents,  Coronavirus remains on all of our minds. As soon as one question about its impact on college planning is answered, two more seem to take its place. At College Expert, we are working hard to keep up with all these changes and believe now more than ever, it’s important to have expert help to guide you through the process. Since we have been to over 400 coll...
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Penny and Lily Visit Harvard and MIT in May

Harvard and MIT
It’s May, and this month our ambitious Penny and Lily visit Harvard and MIT for some “wicked smaht squirrel chahsing.” Here’s a fun fact about the school: Actor Matt Damon played a janitor at MIT in the film Good Will Hunting, but the REAL Matt Damon actually attended Harvard, a highly selective college with an acceptance rate of 5%. Ask Sue or Ryan if you want to learn more about Harvard and...
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May 2020 College Expert Newsletter

Our May issue includes these timely topics: Choosing a Gap Year - With the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of colleges in the fall of 2020, a greater number of students than usual are contemplating taking a gap year. Read about the pros and cons of taking a gap year and the process needed to do this.Majoring in Biotechnology -  Because biotechnology is used in many fields and b...
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April Pups Visit Stanford

Stanford University - "We are so doggone smart that you can't stanford this."
Stanford University - "We are so doggone smart that you can't stanford this." It’s April and our pups, mascots and calendar models (with guest Prudence) are happy to see this crazy March behind us! How about you? This month the pups visit Stanford, a university at the forefront of nearly every field of study. (Did you know the world may have never known Google if it weren’t for Stanford g...
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Volunteer Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Students

Many students are looking for ways to meaningfully use their stay-at-home time right now. If you’re wondering how you can help your community during the COVID-19 crisis, think about your genuine interests. Whether it’s art, working with children or healthcare, sharing your skills and talents can make an impact. Local organizations such as Hands on Twin Cities matches volunteers with opport...
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How to Keep Learning When You Can’t Leave the House

We know it’s a struggle right now. With classes, activities and part-time jobs, you’re used to being BUSY, and suddenly everything seems to have come to a halt. You’re also thinking about college and wondering how you can possibly build your application when you can’t even leave the house. There are many ways you can continue to pursue and develop your academic and personal interests. Here...
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How Does The COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The College Application Process?

Jason DeRusha spoke with Sue Luse, an education consultant, about how colleges and testing organizations are responding to the outbreak (2:43) WCCO This Morning -- March 31, 2020 Sue was interviewed by WCCO's Jason DeRusha via video chat on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on college testing and college tours, and she also gave advice on college acceptances during this time of uncertainty. ...
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Top 10 College Admissions Announcements This Week

The COVID-19 outbreak has added a new level of stress to the already emotional college application and decision process. As a result of the pandemic, students are worried about fast-approaching decision deadlines, the impact of remote learning on their GPAs and transcripts, and access to ACT and SAT tests, which they were hoping to take -- or take one more time to improve their scores. ...
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Ten ways to learn about a college when your visit has been canceled

This has been a disappointing couple of weeks for college-bound students. Juniors have had to cancel their spring break visits and seniors, hoping to attend admitted student events, are concerned they won’t be able to revisit their top colleges before making a final decision. We feel for you and understand this isn’t quite how you expected this process to look. The current health crisi...
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College Expert Addresses Coronavirus Concerns

Dear Students & Parents,  Coronavirus is on all of our minds.  Along with everything else, this has certainly impacted the college planning process. We want to send out some practical talking points and recommendations during this unpredictable time. Obviously, please stay home if there are any symptoms. Remember that symptoms have been negligible among teens, but they can...
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Blue Devil Dogs Visit Duke

Duke University - "Blue Devil Dogs"
Duke University - "Blue Devil Dogs" It’s March, and Penny and Lily, our Blue Devil Dogs, visit Duke University! Did you know Duke students camp out in Krzyzewskiville, located just outside Cameron Stadium, for more than 6 weeks to get into the Duke/UNC basketball game? Now that’s madness! If you’re researching schools with some serious school spirit, ask Sue or Ryan if Duke might be right for ...
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