What Colleges Look For

Character Counts: Why Personal Qualities are Gaining Importance in College Admissions

Female high school student helping younger student with homework
While admittedly subjective, “character” counts in college admissions. With many colleges abandoning or making optional SAT and ACT test scores, assessing applicants holistically has become an even greater focus, and a student’s ability to demonstrate character has become just as important as demonstrating leadership, intellectual curiosity and achievement. While character is an abstract c...
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February 2022 College Expert Newsletter

Just like with love, there is more than one college match out there if you’re open to possibilities. Read more in our February issue. Other articles include:  Focus on Film Studies – A major for dreamers, activists and storytellers. Financial Matters: Your ROI – Assessing the costs and benefits of college. Should You Take AP Tests? – College credit is only one...
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Making the Most of Your Summer

Are you longing for summer as much as we are? While you’re dreaming of warmer days, you should also start looking ahead for summer opportunities either close to home or on a college campus. While summer programs are completely optional, they are a great way to dive deeply into one of your interests, and colleges like to see how you’ve engaged with something you love outside of class. If yo...
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November 2021 College Expert Newsletter

The right “why this college” essay response shows admissions you’re a serious applicant. Read our tips for standing out. Other articles include:  Majoring in Nursing – A healthcare degree with abundant opportunities. Financial Matters: Merit Awards – Private colleges could be more affordable than you think. Social Media: Think Before You Post – What trigger...
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Character Counts!

At College Expert, Ryan and I are honored to help students find the best matches between their personalities and campus cultures. Extensive research, college visits, and conferences enable us to put our fingers on the pulse of future happiness. We are experts at helping students develop academic, testing, and activities plans for high school. Recently, in response to the new focus colleges...
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WCCO Radio 2nd Half of Education Roundtable with Sue Luse

Listen to the second half the Education Roundtable on WCCO’s News and Views with Roshini Rajkumarof when Sue Luse enters the roundtable. This recording (18 minutes) does not contain the entire 1PM show with Roshini Rajkumarof. It starts with the introduction of Sue Luse. Sue Luse on WCCO Radion Education Roundtable To listen to the podcast in its entirety (1 hour) on iTunes, go to yesterday'...
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Sue on WCCO Podcast

If you missed Sue Luse on WCCO's News and Views with Roshini Rajkumar, the host for Education Roundtable, you can listen to the May 12 show on podcast. Select the 1 PM show featuring Sue Luse, Dale Kurschner (Editor-in-Chief, Twin Cities Business Magazine), and Amy Hertel (Mineapolis Foundation). Sue appears in the second half of the show at time: 18:04. The image below is how it appears on the ...
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