Over 200 Colleges Visited!

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Part of the job of an educational consultant is to keep up with what is happening on college campuses. This means we need to visit as many campuses as possible and establish relations with admissions counselors around the country. In fact, to keep our CEP certification, we need to visit and assess 75 campuses every 5 years.

I recently attended our National Conference in Philadelphia. As many independent educational consultants do, I planned visits to several colleges in the area before and after the conference. I scheduled appointments with our Minnesota contacts and visited Wagner and Sarah Lawrence in New York, and Villanova, Franklin and Marshall, Gettysberg, Dickinson, and Muhlenberg in Pennsylvania.

I am happy to announce that I have now hit the 200 mark! I have officially visited over 200 college all over the country.

I look forward to exploring new areas of the country and visiting more colleges in the years to come. Having personally toured a college campus is important because it will allow me to better recommend colleges that suit our students.

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