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Hello everyone!

I’m Juliet. I’m a teenage girl living with Celiac Disease since March, 2007. I’m your regular American girl, going to a regular high school in a regular town, except I have Celiac Disease.  This is why this blog is so important. I’m not a doctor, a specialist, or even a high school graduate. I’m just me. There are millions of people with Celiac who are just normal people who have to live their lives with this condition, and it’s difficult. On pizza days at school and when a friend brings doughnuts to class, I have to say “No thanks!”,  and that’s why I’m here. To help out those people who are tired of eating and living below what they want or deserve.

I love to write (especially blog!) I could play tennis for hours. My favorite school subject is history. I love music and camping, and I drink entirely too much coffee. Out of  all the things I enjoy doing and things that I love, I especially love people. And that’s why I blog.

I hope this blog doesn’t help just teens, but people of all ages. Maybe you are here because you have celiac, or maybe a family member does. Maybe you just want to eat a little differently.  I hope you enjoy my blog www.confessionsofaceliac.com, and come visit often!



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