A Visit to Bard College

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Bard College is located on the Hudson River in the tiny village of Annandale-on-Hudson in New York.  This is a beautiful area, with lots of outdoor opportunities, and still close to New York City.

  • Campus has varied architecture with an upper and lower campus.  The buildings are spread out with lots of green spaces in between.
  • Impressive science building.
  • The humanities buildings featured seminar classes, all discussion-based with engaged students sitting around a conference table.
  • Students were friendly, seemed free to be themselves, artsy.
  • Good music department.  Students do not need to audition for music or theater.
  • No portfolio required.
  • Students are interested in multiple things and tend to be unique.
  • Social sciences are number 1.
  • Students are opinionated, civic minded, like to do public service, and are politically active.
  • When apply for early action, they make immediate decision.  Unique!
  • Test scores are optional.
  • 30 percent accepted.  Bard admissions is looking for students who are intellectual and independent and can handle the academics  and take advantage of the opportunities at Bard.
  • Vassar,  Brown, Reed, NYU, Oberlin, and Carleton are overlaps.
  • Students who have good relationships with teachers is what they are looking for
  • They will take a look at students with high test scores and low GPAs if they see potential.

Blog update: October 3, 2013

Read about Bard’s unique admissions process reported in the New York Times September 28, 2013 article entitled Didn’t Ace SAT? Just Design Microbe Transplant Research

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