A Visit to Syracuse University

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Syracuse University is located in the city of Syracuse where you find the arts, shopping, and restaurants.  Lake Onondaga is about 2 miles to the north.  About 40 miles farther to the north is Lake Ontario. 168,000 people live in Syracuse and 700,000 in the metro area.  Syracuse is a private university with 10,000 undergraduates.  It’s close to Hancock International Airport.  Syracuse is working to re-invent the South Side.  Syracuse University business and journalism students are involved in the effort.

Our tour guide from Michigan

Our tour guide from Michigan

Notes and Observations…

  • All different kinds of students, 32 percent diversity
  • 25 percent Jewish
  • One of the biggest Hillel’s in the country
  • Active GLBT group
  • Study abroad
  • 8 different Syracuse locations around the world


  • Big campus, big quad
  • Huge Carrier dome. Used for both football and basketball
  • Up on a hill
  • Mix of old and new architecture
  • Bustling, lots of students
  • Dorms – split doubles most common
  • No freshman dorms
  • Connective corridor, new project connecting the campus with the city with walking paths, bike paths, lights, trees, linking the arts and theater, shopping and restaurants
  • Dinosaur Barbecue – most famous restaurant
Syracuse Music Building

Syracuse Music Building


  • Interviews are optional and evaluative
  • Students should indicate three colleges they want to attend at Syracuse. If not admitted into first choice such as Newhouse, will be considered for the other two.
  • 3.6 GPA
  • ACT 25 – 26
  • Super scores SAT
  • Admissions does vary from college to college
  • Merit scholarships available


  • “Scholarship in Action”
  • Theater,  BFA, strong program.
  • First Year Players, a student-run theater program does a musical every year, for the non theater students.
  • Direct entry architecture, 5-year BA of Architecture. Ranked in the top 5 in the nation. Need an art profile to be admitted.
  • Newhouse School of Communication – new building with focus on multi-media.  Number one communication program in the country. Eight different majors, biggest are radio, TV, and film.
  • Dual majors with Newhouse and Whitman Business School
  • Information School, has high tech majors such as global enterprise technology and web-based security and finance.
  • For students who like technology, Whitman school of Business has a competitive direct entry program.
  • School of Education, big focus on urban education and multi-culturism
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Also has a School of Music, housed in a gothic Hogwarts-like building
  • Also has a music business program
  • Most competitive programs are Newhouse, Whitman, Information School, Architecture, Theater
  • Has a good Design program
  • Engineering very good – 8 different majors
  • New science building – state-of-the-art labs for study and research
  • Big hospital right by campus for research and volunteering.
  • College of Sports Management
  • Liberal Arts College has a consortium with Cornell and other nearby colleges

If students are looking for a medium-sized university with many different colleges and majors available in an urban setting, Syracuse
would be a good option – especially if students are looking for big time athletics and legendary school spirit! – Sue Luse

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