A Visit to Trinity College

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Trinity College

By Sue Luse


Located in the state capitol city of Hartford, Connecticut, Trinity College looks like a traditional New England liberal arts school.  However they espouse to act in untraditional  ways with groundbreaking programs and staff as well as an urban-global education commitment. Trinity’s 100 green-acre campus is dotted with historic buildings. Given it’s urban location, the surrounding area is rather “sketchy”, but there is plenty of campus security.


A rigorous institution with a broad choice of majors in the liberal arts and sciences, including engineering. Trinity’s academic experience includes the following key characteristics:

  • A dedicated first-year program
  • Educational breadth through requirements
  • Individual flexibility
  • Special academic programs
  • Professors as teachers

Trinity campus

When evaluating candidates for admission, high emphasis is placed on your high school transcript – both grades and course selection. While standardized test scores are taken into consideration, Trinity admits students with  a wide range of test scores and there is no minimum score required. They require one guidance counselor recommendation as well as two teacher recommendations – and prefer that one of these be from a teacher that can comment on your writing, i.e. an English teacher. Interviews are not required but are strongly encouraged. Interviews can take place via Skype or a local alumni. Approximately 30-40% of candidates are accepted.

Student Life/Recreation/Athletics

  • Trinity offers many student-run clubs. They hold an 80’s dance in the fall.  Lots of big concerts, free music festivals and shopping trips. There’s also plenty of multicultural clubs and houses and they often serve free food on Friday nights!
  • Plenty of dining options are offered with great food.
  • Zip cars on campus.
  • Trinity is a NESCAC institution (New England Small College Athletic Conference).
  • Trinity has a Div 1 Squash Team; the rest of the athletics teams are Div 3, including a great football team.
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