A Visit to Wesleyan University

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By Sue Luse

Sue’s Impressions

Students are very involved and exhibit an abundance of energy and passion. The student body of 2,800 are diverse, curious and incredibly vibrant!  They are busy and very obviously loving every minute of it. On this campus you can feel free to explore what interests you and enjoy being yourself.

While all undergraduate students are required to live on campus, you will find the housing is unique – well worth checking out: Residence Halls

Wesleyan’s Highlights

Wesleyan Campus

Wesleyan is a small liberal arts college, and while there are many, each one is different.  Like Wesleyan, most have bright students and great faculty; however, Wesleyan stands out for it’s reputation as a research university. They are committed to research but not at the expense of their faculty, so Wesleyan’s science faculty teaches one less class per semester in order to allow time for research. Some examples of areas where students have collaborated with professors: translating a French novel, a documentary about Argentina, dance choreography, and the economic impact of climate change.

Wesleyan promotes the idea that how you come to know things is more important than what you come to know. Thinking creatively is emphasized.


Wesleyan Campus

  • Considered both rigorous and individualistic
  • No core curriculum
  • Students are helped and encouraged to develop programs of study based upon their own interests
  • Students are challenged to pursue their interests at the highest level
  • Easy to double major
  • Recently added minors
  • 3-2 Engineering Program which allows students to obtain bachelors degree from Wesleyan in 3 years and then transfer to Cal Tech, Dartmouth or Columbia for an additional 2 years to earn bachelor’s degree in engineering

Recreation/Social Life

Wesleyan Campus

Four blocks from campus is the downtown area located on the banks of the Connecticut River.  Middletown is not a “typical” college town that mostly caters to students. Lots of coffee shops and dining establishments. Wesleyan is not far from Millers Pond State Park Reserve – great place to go hiking. Wesleyan is also only approximately an hour and a half from New York City.

Rather small Greek life – 3 fraternities and 2 sororities. While many of Wesleyan’s athletes are Div 1 caliber, most students tend to be more excited about academics than sports. Wesleyan’s athletics facilities are considered to be the best in the country and are open to everyone.

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