A Visit to Pratt Institute

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By Sue Luse

Campus Overview

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Pratt is the opposite of Pace or New York University. This campus is a very peaceful place with lots of green, open spaces. Pratt is among quaint old brownstones within the historic Clinton Hill residential neighborhood.  Lots of cute little eateries and plenty of families, kids and dogs walking around.  I felt very safe on this campus.  This place looks and feels like an art school and is only 25 minutes from the art center of the world – Manhatten. Pratt students enjoy the campus’s uniquely acclaimed and contemporary sculpture garden.  There is also a subway stop on campus.

Pratt’s Mission Statement

Pratt Grounds

The mission of Pratt Institute is to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society.

Pratt’s Schools & Curriculum

Pratt is home to :

  • School of Architecture
  • School of Art & Design
  • School of Information & Library Science
  • School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Center for Continuing and Professional Studies

Pratt has always believed that educating generalists rather than specialists (Industrial designers rather than car designers, writers rather than journalists) is essential in supporting our mission: to educate creative individuals to be leaders in their fields. The fact that this philosophy is reflected in the professional world with the boundaries between various art forms disappearing confirms this approach.

Top Three Reasons Students Choose Pratt

Pratt Campus

  1. A distinguished faculty of practicing artists, designers, architects, writers, and librarians, many of whom have received awards for their work and are leaders in their fields. Often it’s faculty connections that land you your internship and eventually your first job whether it’s directly through your instructors or through our Center for Career & Professional Development. Pratt’s professors are working professionals who take time off from their successful careers to teach, mentor, and help students find internships and eventually jobs. Google any professor’s name at Pratt, and you’ll find that he or she is at the forefront of contemporary art, design, architecture, writing, or library science. Ask students why they chose Pratt, and invariably they will say, “the faculty.” The fact that Pratt is one of the largest art schools means that you get to choose from hundreds of faculty and courses. Classes are small so that you can work alongside your professors, receiving feedback on your work, advice about your strengths, and an education focused on your own interests.
  2. The professional nature of the curriculum which starts in the first year as opposed to a traditional liberal arts college where you choose your major in the third year. Because of Pratt’s size, you get to choose from an extraordinary variety of majors and concentrations including majors in creative writing and critical and visual studies.
  3. The Campus: Pratt is the only East Coast art school with an enclosed campus. Twenty-five acres of tree-lined bricked roadways, grassy areas, five residence halls on campus, and outstanding facilities offer students plenty of “green space” in which to work, relax, and spend time with friends.

Additional Information

Pratt Campus

  • Beautiful library with Tiffany interiors
  • Frats and sororities and lots of clubs to join
  • Brand new building for digital art
  • An Admissions Portfolio is required for most programs
  • Pratt uses slideroom.com to upload portfolios:  http://slideroom.com/
  • They do not take the Common App
  • Pratt is highly selective for certain design majors
  • I have a student who applied for their Fashion Design major in the Art & Design School

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