A Visit to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

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By Sue Luse

About Rose-Hulman

Rose-Hulman offers only science, math, and engineering. Students at Rose-Hulman are there to learn. Everyone here has to study hard all the time. It’s okay to be “really smart” at Rose-Hulman.  The mens bathrooms even have chalkboards and math problems to work on.

Campus Overview

Rose-Hulman is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Very nice, safe parts of town. Most faculty live in town. Rose-Hulman is a cozy place and not looking to grow. One hour from Indianapolis airport and a shuttle is available.


Rose-Hulman Engineers
  • No Common Application
  • Essay is optional, i.e. to explain grades
  • No application fee
  • Requires high school transcripts, senior schedule, and letters of recommendations
  • Superscore ACT and SAT; also superscore both together
  • Average ACT score in Math is 32 (24 is minimum for math) and in reading, it’s 30
  • Interviews not required


Should have Chemistry and AP Physics. You receive credit for AP scores of 4 or 5. There is no language requirement. Students take 9 non-STEM courses. Most students are in the top 25% of their high school graduating class.

Financial Aid

Rose-Hulman Football

No additional application necessary for merit scholarships. The average merit scholarship is $13,000. Scholarships from Rose-Hulman are available even after you have been admitted. The average financial aid package is $26,000 ($20,000 without loans). The average loan debt of graduates is $42,000. Rose-Hulman offers a unique summer program called Operation Catapault. Students that attend this program receive a $2,500 refund in scholarship money which is renewable for four years.

Job Placement

Once a quarter, companies come to recruit students. Job placement is 100%. Average starting salary is $65,000. Software engineering and computer science graduates start at $100,000 or more.

Student Body

  • 2,000 students
  • 70% out-of-state
  • 20% women
  • Current freshman class is 561 with 63 international students

Fun Facts

Rose-Hulman Technology
  • Rose Hulman believes math and music go together
  • Amazing drama program open to all
  • Offer lots of fun competitions
  • Big bonfire every homecoming
  • Can build decks in dorms and paint the walls
  • Students can have their own room
  • Current major fundraising campaign for a new student union and academic buildings
  • Offer overseas programs and joint international projects

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