A Visit to Bob Jones University

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By Sue Luse



Bob Jones University is located in Greenville, South Carolina, an hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains. The downtown is filled with traditional southern charm and has won awards for being one of America’s hottest emerging destinations and fastest growing cities. The revitalized downtown is home to quaint shops, boutiques, fabulous restaurants and a world-class collection of museums and galleries. Natural beauty is also abundant in Greenville. Many lakes and opportunities for hiking and biking. There are a few sketchy areas in Greenville, but overall a very safe area.


Bob Jones is a private, liberal arts college that embraces biblically-based Christian faith. The bible is considered infallible – the literal Word of God. Students are required to attend chapel every day at 11, Mondays through Thursdays. Many students also attend local churches in town. They have Christian societies similar to Greek systems. While non-denominational, there are many Baptists, and Evangelical conservative Christians there. Approximately 60% of students are from out-of-state, approximately 30% commute, and approximately 34% have been home-schooled.



Bob Jones has a core curriculum including bible courses and liberal arts courses – students are required to take 8 bible courses. They offer a bible major for future pastors. There are 6 schools:

  • School of Religion
  • College of Art & Science
  • School of Business
  • School of Education
  • School of Fine Arts & Communication
  • Seminary & Graduate School of Religion

Popular majors include nursing, pre-med (80% med school acceptance rate), engineering (90% pass rate on National Engineering Exam) music, theater and production. They also offer apparel design using biblical guidelines of modesty.

Student Life


Bob Jones has a dress codes – girls must wear skirts or dresses, and boys wear slacks, a belt and a colored shirt. There are no co-ed dorms.

They do have athletics, but The Bruins have no football. Bob Jones is part of the NCCAA , the National Christian College Athletic Association (soccer is big), but they don’t offer athletic scholarships. Greenville’s Fluor Field is home to the Boston Red Sox-owned minor league team, the Greenville Drive. Intramural sports are offered.

Bob Jones has Christian societies similar to Greek systems. At the beginning of the school year, society booths are set up for the purpose of welcoming and encouraging you to join their societies. This fantastic food-filled, 2-week event is called Rush. At the end of Rush, new students meet to choose and then join a society at an undisclosed location on campus where the rest of the members are waiting to welcome you with food and inductions. Mission teams are popular and they often tour the country and even go international. Students spend a lot of time evangelizing and serving the community.


Staff Student
  • No required ACT or SAT score except for the nursing program the minimum ACT is 20
  • Home-schooled students need to take the ACT for Admissions and everyone takes the ACT for placement in courses
  • Almost everyone who wants to attend Bob Jones is accepted
  • Three letters of recommendation are required including a pastor, a school official and a general reference such as a mentor, boss or coach.
  • They offer scholarships based on character, academics and financial need

What Kind of Student Would be Happy Here

A student who wants to grow spiritually, academically and be prepared to serve God.  A student who wishes to build their faith, be inspired, accept challenges and follow Christ.

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