College Expert Responds to College Admissions Scandal

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Dear parents and students,

These past few days, many of our clients have asked us about the college admissions scandal – news that saddened and outraged us, just as it did many of you. This time of year, we would rather be talking about our own students who are preparing to graduate and receiving acceptance letters to schools on their own merit. Their personal drive and self-initiative makes this week’s news even more difficult to hear.

At College Expert, we strive to understand each of our students and help them to find their right college fit. As educational consultants, this is always our focus and it takes precedence over college rankings and competitiveness. We firmly believe there are many wonderful institutions of higher education and many paths to academic success and happiness.

We are proud to be members of HECA and (Higher Education Consultants Association) the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) and we are guided by the ethical standards set forth by these organizations. The following principles, which are elaborated on in an IECA statement released Tuesday, guide us in our work with students.

We believe:

  • The college search and application process should be a fun and exciting time for students and families.
  • There are many great post-secondary options for every student. 
  • No student should be made to feel that they must become something they are not to get accepted.
  • The “best” school is the school that fits a student academically, socially and financially.
  • The vast majority of educational consultants, admission officers and others involved with higher education are ethical and caring professionals focused on a student’s best interest and the right college fit.

We are honored to work with your family. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


The College Expert Team

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