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What to Look For When Hiring a College Consultant

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College consultant

US News & World Report recently published an article on what to look for when hiring a college consultant. In the article, Mark Sklarow, CEO at Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA), discusses how IECA members (like Sue & Ryan) must undergo background checks and adhere to ethical standards and practices. In addition to IECA membership, Sklarow also says to look for a counselor who:

  • Reduces rather than raises your anxiety about admissions
  • Helps you understand and explore many college options
  • Doesn’t focus on “getting in” but on what’s best for you as a student
  • Is familiar with and has visited college campuses and met with staff
  • Has a background in counseling or academic advising

Here is the US News & World Report article – What to Look For When Hiring a College Consultant

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