April 2020 College Expert Newsletter

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April 2020 College Expert Newsletter
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Here are the topics in this month’s newsletter.

  • What to Do When Campus Visits Are Out – With campuses closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and with students sent home to complete the semester online, high school juniors and seniors need to go to their back-up plans.
  • Majoring in Economics – A major in economics educates a student about how resource allocation, incentives, and wealth interact. Learn if this major fits your interests and goals.
  • Financial Matters: Appealing Financial Aid Awards (updated) – For the class entering fall of 2020, the loss of work due to the COVID-19 virus may affect a student’s eligibility for need-based aid. Check out the best ways to go about appealing financial aid packages you have received from your colleges.
  • Making the Most of this Enforced Down Time – With so many high schools closed, it probably won’t take much time before you find yourself looking for activities, so we’ve prepared a dozen ideas you may want to follow-up.

Read our April newsletter.

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