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Reflections on our Class of 2023

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Each year, we are privileged to get to know our high school students across the state and country as they complete their college journey. And every May, we reflect on their stories and accomplishments with gratitude and awe. We are so proud of you, Class of 2023!

This has been the most competitive year for admissions since we started College Expert 20+ years ago. Most colleges remained test optional, which among other factors led to a record number of applications. As a result, admission to selective colleges became an even greater reach. Many students beat these odds, and we are cheering their success. In other instances, denials allowed students to better examine and appreciate all of their options. We truly believe there is no one “perfect college,” and twists and turns in the process often can lead to an even better fit. Families tell us this every year.

This year’s matriculation list fills us with tremendous pride and satisfaction. We are confident our graduates are destined for colleges where they will be challenged, find supportive communities and boldly move forward with their personal goals.

We are excited to report:

  • 95% of our students applied to some colleges by the early action deadline and heard back from colleges before winter break.
  • 38% of our students applied ED/Restricted Early Action and 63% were accepted.
  • 88% of our students will attend out-of-state colleges in 34 different states.  (whereas nationally approximately only 11% venture further than 500 miles from their hometown)
  • New colleges that our students will be attending include Long Island University, Rugters, Texas Tech, State College of Florida and Olin College of Engineering.
  • 95% of our students will attend their first choice or a high-interest college. 

Drawing on our knowledge, our experience, and hundreds of college visits, we recommended an eclectic mix of colleges, many of which were unfamiliar to our clients. In fact, it’s possible some students never would have considered the colleges they chose without comprehensive and thoughtful discussions about finding the right fit, which is our guiding philosophy. As a result, they made decisions confident their choice was right for them.

Our Class of 2023 students will matriculate to colleges across the country. As you can see in our matriculation list, we have many students going to some of the most selective colleges in the country. We also have students going to national universities, engineering schools, small liberal arts colleges, research universities, Big Ten Universities, and colleges with in-state tuition. We have aspiring musicians, artists, recruited athletes, activists, actors, nurses, engineers, business majors, researchers, doctors, writers and much more. We strive to help families find ways to afford college tuition, and we were overjoyed with the merit scholarships, grants, and aid awarded to our students.

We were honored to help prepare the Class of 2023 for the next chapter and wish our seniors all the best with the adventure they have ahead of them. Please keep in touch!

Please feel free to forward this to family members and friends looking for help with the college planning process. 

Here is our College Matriculation list for our Class of 2023:

American University
Arizona State University
Auburn University
Augsburg University
Baylor University
Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brown University
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon
Case Western Reserve
Colgate University
Colorado State University
Creighton University
Davidson College
DePaul University
Drake University
Duke University
Elon University
Fordham University
Olin College of Engineering
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Grinnell College
Gustavus Adolphus College
High Point University
Hope College
Illinois State
Indiana University
Iowa State University
Lehigh University
Long Island University
Loyola University Chicago
Luther College
Macalester College
Marquette University
Miami University-Oxford
Montana State University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Occidental College
Purdue University

Rice University
Rose-Hulman Institute
Rutgers University
San Diego State University
Santa Clara University
St Olaf College
Stanford University
State College of Florida
Swarthmore College
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University
Tufts University
Tulane University
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Denver
University of Illinois
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Miami
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Duluth
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Redlands
University of San Diego
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
University of St Thomas
University of Tampa
University of Tennessee
University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
Villanova University
Wake Forest University
Warren Wilson College
Washington University
Wesleyan University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Yale University

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