College Spotlight – Lafayette College

Freshman Update

by Kyra Reese
November, 2021

College Expert Counselor: Sue Luse

Embarking on the journey of the college search was a daunting task to complete during COVID. COVID made it challenging to travel to see colleges in person-and as you know, this is an important step in determining where you want to go.

When I first came out to Lafayette, I wasn’t even seriously considering the school. Instead, I was looking at it as a step to help me find what I like and don’t like in a college and college campus. But, upon completing my tour, I was surprised at how much I loved it. The quad instantly caught my eye; even though there were not very many students on campus, I could imagine what it was like in a normal year. I almost instantly knew this was where I wanted to go. After that, I applied early decision.

Lafayette’s small and homey liberal arts campus.

Being so far away from home, I was nervous about what my college experience would entail. After orientation weekend, I found that I was able to adjust to this new environment almost instantly. Though classes looked slightly different from high school, it was easy to fall into the new schedule (no waking up before 8!).

Though work can become overwhelming at times, as with most schools, the professors are very understanding and are there to help you succeed. This first semester I’m only taking four classes, and I thoroughly enjoy all of them. My professors are very supportive and willing to help, whether during office hours or some other time outside of class.

Though the school is only roughly 2800 students, it does not feel nearly that small. When talking to people outside of the Lafayette community, I’ve gotten many questions and comments along the lines of “that’s such a small school!” or “doesn’t that feel too small to you?” And to answer that question, no, it doesn’t.

Me (second from right) with friends.

The campus is extremely easy to navigate, and I never have to walk a long distance or catch a bus to get to any of my classes. In fact, some of my walks are quite scenic. I enjoy looking at the flourishing flowers and the growing trees – especially in the fall as the leaves change colors.

One of my favorite spots on campus is the library. If you asked me coming into college where I thought my favorite spot would be, I definitely would not have said the library. The library is a great place to sit down for as short as 30 minutes or as long as 8 hours to do whatever homework you need. I’ve found that the environment in the library is great for helping you get work done.

Lafayette offers participation in 23 NCAA Division I sports.

There’s also a lot of fun clubs to join in. I am participating in club soccer, Lafayette Happiness Project, Psychology Club, HerCampus, and a couple of other clubs. All of these clubs provide a fun environment to learn and discuss.

The city of Easton, just down the hill from Lafayette, has a lot to offer. There’s always something to do on the weekend, from tasty restaurants to farmer’s markets to garlic and bacon fest.