College Spotlight – Lewis & Clark College

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By Katie Hanson
March, 2021

Lewis & Clark College Overview

“A private institution with a public conscience, a residential campus with global reach.”

Lewis & Clark College is a liberal arts college nestled on 137 wooded acres in the southwest hills of Portland, Oregon. This residential college is home to around 2,000 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate students, all enrolled in one of its three schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Education and Counseling, and the School of Law. Lewis & Clark is known for its strong environmental programs, focus on sustainability, and global and local civic engagement.


Pioneers, what students at Lewis & Clark are aptly called, lead the way as global thinkers. Rooted in the liberal arts, Lewis & Clark is dedicated to providing “an education built from the time-tested elements of careful study, original research, and spirited debate.” Pioneers learn from dedicated faculty in small classes, and are encouraged to be fearless thinkers and to throw aside conventionality.

For students with ambitious visions and career goals, Lewis & Clark’s graduate programs offer unique opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to delve deep into their passions. Students can earn their Bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Teaching through the Teacher Pathways Program in five years instead of six. For future environmentalists, the School of Law offers the #1 environmental law program in the US. Students can enroll in a 3-3 partnership between the College and Arts and Sciences and the School of Law, allowing them to earn their BA and JD in six years instead of seven.

Campus Life

Lewis & Clark offers the best of both worlds to nature and city lovers alike. Situated in Portland, 90 minutes from both the ocean and the slopes, there is no shortage of adventures for Pioneers to partake in. Lewis & Clark’s campus is five minutes away from beautiful Oregon state parks, where students can hike, bike, and take in the greenery around them. If they venture a little further away, students can hike Mt. Hood, which is visible from campus on a sunny day. It’s no surprise that a college surrounded by such natural beauty would attract people passionate about the environment. Lewis & Clark is seen as a leader in environmentalism and ranked as one of the greenest colleges in the US.

When students want a change of pace from the outdoors, they have the city of Portland, dubbed “one of our national capitals of cool,” at their fingertips. Lewis & Clark provides shuttles for students to downtown Portland, where they can step into a thriving local arts community with a strong DIY and craft culture and major performing arts venues. Students spend their evenings at art galleries or concerts, followed up by fun and delicious fare at local food carts.

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Who would be happy here?

Students who are searching for big adventures in the outdoors and a vibrant, eclectic city, while experiencing a personalized liberal arts education, would do well at Lewis & Clark.

Ryan visited Lewis & Clark last February and was able to capture these pictures of its stunning campus, and it makes me look forward to visiting it in person someday myself!

Ryan Luse at Lewis & Clark