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College Spotlight – University of Manitoba

College Spotlight: University of Manitoba

College Expert at Consulate General of Canada

Broadening Our Perspective on Canadian College Options
May, 2018

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Admin Bldg at Sunrise

Admin Bldg at Sunrise

I was recently invited by the Consulate General of Canada to attend an information meeting about the University of Manitoba.  I was curious to go because I had heard good things about the education and value, and wanted to learn more. I especially wanted to see if it would be a good option for our students.  For the right student, the University of Manitoba (U of M) could be a great option for a number of reasons. As with choosing any college, a student’s priorities must be in line with what the college offers.

U of M (not University of MN!)  is Western Canada’s first university, founded more than 140 years ago. A large public research university, the U of M community has around 30,000 students; approximately 5,000 are international, representing 122 countries, and about 150 are from Minnesota.  Graduate students number about 3,700.

What is really attractive about U of M is the price. Minnesota has reciprocity with Manitoba, so the cost of tuition is only $3,500 a year. With room and board and other expenses, a Minnesota student can attend college there for around $15,000 a year.


Arts and quad

Arts and quad

Located in the heart of Canada, Manitoba is 7 hours north of the Twin Cities. Winnipeg is called the cultural cradle of Canada and is home to many music and theater groups including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Symphony Orchestra.  Winnipeg is also known as one of the top restaurant cities in North America.  Home to a number of professional sports teams, one of the favorites of hockey fans are the Winnepeg Jets, who advanced to the Western Conference finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year.

The U of M campus is located on the Red River and is a compact, residential and walkable campus.

Campus Life

U of Manitoba dorm room

U of Manitoba dorm room

Most students in Canada live at home, so the U of M is a commuter campus. However, there is housing available and students can upgrade to better than average single rooms.  There is also a home-stay option, where students live with a host family in Winnipeg.  Most students move off campus sophomore year. Students can enjoy a small campus experience by joining one of the smaller four colleges where they can live and study.

There are over 200 student clubs, and students actively cheer on the Bison sports teams. They have a new 100,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Athletic Center.  Manitoba is known for embracing the cold winters and students are pleased to find out there our underground tunnels connecting most of the campus. There is a Greek system and many students are involved in intramural sports. Study abroad is very affordable.


U of M is a research-intensive university, and conducts more research annually than any other institution in the region. In addition to a wide variety of undergraduate research and co-op opportunities, the university offers an extensive list of Faculties (schools) with many degree offerings, and is especially known for health sciences, engineering, aviation, architecture, business, and jazz.

General Admission Requirements

Helm, U of Manitoba

Helm, U of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba’s website,, offers detailed information on International Admissions for high schools students from the United States, so refer to the website for specifics. In a nutshell, the requirements are as follows:

  • All admission decisions are made on the basis of final high school grades.
  • Students from the USA are not required to present ACT/SAT scores as part of their application.
  • If you’re coming to university directly from high school or have completed less than one year of university studies, you’ll take the direct entry route into a faculty or program: this means beginning in University 1 (U1), or applying to a program that offers a direct entry option.
  • U1 is a unique approach to your first year at the U of M, giving you the opportunity to design an individualized schedule that meets the admission and/or first year requirements for one or more target degree programs. U1 will not add any time or cost to your degree; it serves as year 1 of any 3- or 4-year degree program.
  • Admission requirements vary according to specific academic programs to which a student applies (refer to website (PDF) for details)
  • Overall there is a 71% acceptance rate

Who would be happy Here?

Students who are looking for good value, are independent, and want an international experience.