College Spotlight – The College of Wooster

Freshman Update

by Jonathan Brandt
January 2022

College Expert Counselor: Ryan Luse

Thanks for helping me decide on the College of Wooster! I’ve been enjoying the college and the town; the teachers are really good too.

Even though I still haven’t gotten the full experience due to some cafes being closed, the college still has plenty of places to get snacks, get coffee, eat, or just study if you like the coffee shop atmosphere. The campus is beautiful and everywhere you go you’ll see trees and the iconic black squirrels, as well as an assortment of Adirondack chairs if you want to sit in the shade.

Wooster College
Iconic Kauke Hall is the heart of campus.

The community is very diverse and you’ll be able to find people like you. As a small college, it feels just like high school where you start to see the same people after a while. My dorm is Compton, which, lucky for me, is connected to Kittredge dining hall and the C-store, which has a bunch of snacks and personal items. The college has a well-equipped gym as well as a large fitness center if you run or do sports. All of my classes are within a 5-8-minute walk from my dorm, and all the buildings and dorms on campus are within walking distance.

I’m considering majoring in physics or math, so at least half of my classes are in Taylor Hall. I’ve also joined the physics and astronomy clubs. My favorite class is physics because it is applicable to real life and it’s a good challenge. The town of Wooster is small enough to walk around downtown but at the same time has everything you could need (besides a Target) as well as Mohican State Park only 22 miles away from campus. Wooster is a great fit for me because it is a small-college with a close-knit friendly community, it has a beautiful campus, and a liberal arts education.