How to Keep Learning When You Can’t Leave the House

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We know it’s a struggle right now. With classes, activities and part-time jobs, you’re used to being BUSY, and suddenly everything seems to have come to a halt. You’re also thinking about college and wondering how you can possibly build your application when you can’t even leave the house.

There are many ways you can continue to pursue and develop your academic and personal interests. Here is a list of some great resources to get you started.

Create a Unique Teen Activity

Learn a new Language: Babbel, Rosetta Stone, DuoLingo or Language Bird, or find native speakers who will teach you their language, culture and colloquialisms through sites like Verbling.

Learn to Code: CodeWizards

Explore the World: National Geographic Kids Read a book: NPR 100 best ever teen novels

Prep for the ACT

Here are some additional ideas from our friends at Homeworks for Students:

Art of Problem Solving: Excellent enrichment for HS math, + some science, Python programming, etc.

American Regions Mathematics League: Normally a national on-site competition for all-star state & regional math teams, this year’s competition has been cancelled – but in its stead, the ARML Local competition (for small local teams of 6 students) is being offered FREE on May 30th and 31st. In addition, ARML is offering its book containing all problems and solutions from its 2009-2014 contest online for free – an excellent enrichment resource.

EdX: 2500+ online courses from 140 top institutions. Most are free.

Coursera: Many hundreds of these courses are online for free from 190+ colleges and corporations. Additionally, degrees/licensures can be earned at a cost.

MIT Open Courseware

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

National Repository of Online Courses: Free web-based resources, with a focus on AP and college intro-level content.

Science: Bozeman Science and Crash Course

HHMI has great activities for biology. For example, here’s one on Darwin’s finches and another on the biology of skin color. Both of these activities follow along with a video online and have pdf fillable forms which you can complete independently.

Tinkercad is easy to use and excellent for learning 3D modeling and building structures for students who may be missing the hands on experience in the classroom.

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