Update: College Planning and Admissions During the Coronavirus

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Dear Students & Parents, 

Coronavirus remains on all of our minds. As soon as one question about its impact on college planning is answered, two more seem to take its place. At College Expert, we are working hard to keep up with all these changes and believe now more than ever, it’s important to have expert help to guide you through the process. Since we have been to over 400 colleges, we can help find the best fit for our students even if they cannot visit campus in person.

On the college side it’s reassuring to hear, as explained in this Forbes article, admission deans “get it.” They are responding with compassion and understanding. If you’re worried about spring grades, testing, canceled activities or uncertainty over whether you will be on campus in the fall, you aren’t alone and colleges continue to make decisions based on their students’ best interests.

In the meantime, we recommend you focus on what you can control. Finish the school year strong, look for opportunities to learn and grow and, if you’re a rising senior, continue to research and connect with prospective colleges. Finally, these really are unprecedented times, so if you begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed, take a break and take care of yourself. 

Here are some other things you can do during this summer.

Pursue something that excites you! Check out our resources on how to learn and volunteer from home and these virtual summer programs. Also, follow College Expert on Instagram and Facebook to see how some of our students are making the most of their stay-at-home time during Covid-19. They’re inspiring!

Stay connected with us. Thank goodness for technology! It’s been easy for us to transition to online meetings, in fact we have been meeting with students virtually from all over the country. We will continue to hold all of our meetings and Research Jam Sessions online until further notice. Throughout the summer, our essay experts will also work with rising seniors one-on-one over Zoom or another platform.

Explore college resources available. Making a decision without being able to visit is difficult, and colleges have reacted quickly with virtual tours, student panels and webinars. To learn about these opportunities, get on the mailing lists for your colleges and follow them on social media. We can also be a great resource to talk about college fit if you can’t visit, so ask us! And when it’s time to make a decision, we’ve developed a fun new virtual college selection card deck for our college selection meetings. 

Here are some additional resources related to college planning, admissions and the coronavirus:

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Virtual Summer Programs

Be well,

Ryan, Sue and The College Expert Team

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